Forget Schrödinger’s Cat, I have Schrödinger’s WWE Network Subscription

If you are familiar with the concept of Schrödinger’s catI just realized today that I have a textbook case of Schrödinger’s WWE network subscription.

I’ve been getting emails telling me that my WWE network subscription expires tomorrow. Today, I got one telling me it will expire tomorrow so I decided to log in to my account and see. Honestly, had WrestleMania fallen in April and not March, I would have saved myself the $$$ and let it expire for a month.

But no, when I logged into my account I was informed that my next billing date is tomorrow which means my subscription will renew.

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2015 WWE Royal Rumble Challenge Entry Order

The 2015 Royal Rumble challenge Entry Order has been set. We have 25 competitors set and so there are 5 lucky souls that ended up getting 2 numbers in the match.

I used to generate the order of entry list. The methodology I used is probably more complicated than I needed to make it but it was random and ensured every person had as good a chance as everyone else to end up with two numbers.

The order of entry is blow the jump. If the wrestler that comes out at your number wins the match, you win the challenge.

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Still Time to Enter the 2015 Combat Hooligans Royal Rumble Challenge

The 2015 WWE Royal Rumble is on Sunday. There is still time to enter the 2015 Combat Royal Rumble challenge.

It is simple. Tomorrow, a random number drawing will take place. If you get, for example, the #21 and the person who enters the Royal Rumble on Sunday at #21 wins, then you win the challenge.

Fast, simple, free. Second place goes to the person who has the entry that is responsible for most eliminations.

We have 15 entries thus far. If we get no more, each person will get two numbers. If we get thirty, each person will get one number. Between 15 and 30 and there will be random drawings to see the lucky people that get two numbers. All numbers will be posted on this site after the drawing.

How do you enter the challenge?

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Wrestle Kingdom 9 is Good for the Wrestling Fan’s Soul

When Global Force Wrestling announced that they would be spearheading an English Language version of the annual New Japan Pro Wrestling Jan. 4 show at the Tokyo Dome, I was quite excited.

I’ve been casually following the NJPW product for years by listening to the Observer Radio shows after big events. The language barrier is an issue for me being visually impaired, I need the commentary to give me a sense of the action so that’s why I never ordered online.

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More On WWE’s Relationship With Ten Sports has an interesting look at WWE’s recent reup with Ten Sports.

Two of the more-noteworthy reveals are that the five-year deal is worth roughly twenty-million-dollars-per, and that there are serious plans to open WWE stores in India, which should make Wandering Euan happy, because he’s from India … I think.

Get a Free Week of the WWE Network

The WWE is offering a free week of access to the WWE Network from today (7/7/2014) until next Monday (7/14/2014).

The preview comes at the same time that the WWE has added some episodes of Saturday Night’s Main Event to the service and will be giving a sneak preview of the Monday Night War tonight at 11:00 PM ET after Raw.

All you need to do to access the free preview is create an account at No credit card is required for this preview.

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Saturday Night’s Main Event coming to WWE Network Next Week

It has long been a given that Saturday Night’s Main Event would make its way on to the WWE network. The only question was when it would happen? When the WCW Clash of the Champions events got put up awhile back, it was pretty well known that Saturday Night’s Main Event would be next.

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Luis Suarez didn’t deliberately bite opponent; also has a bridge to sell you

We don’t ever cover soccer.

It’s not even an independent category in our sports tags. I have to type the word “soccer” in the other tag section.

I posted one bit about the U.S. Men’s team losing to Germany yet advancing to the next round in the World Cup, and this seems to be most we’ve ever covered about the sport even if it’s minimal at best.

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Poll: Who would be your WWE Legends’ House roommate?

The first season of WWE Legends’ House concluded with a reunion episode that aired this past Thursday. Outside of the live pay-per-view events, Legends’ House has been the most popular thing on the WWE network according to some reports.

A season two is pretty much a lock. Some possible names have been thrown out over the past month or so as potential participants. They include two of the biggest names in wrestling history, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. However, despite what some sites might be claiming, nobody has been locked up.

However, we’re still focusing on season 1. The question is, if you have watched this season, which of the 8 WWE legends would you pick for your roommate if you were somehow stuck in the house with one of them for a month?

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