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UFC App added to Apple TV

Today is a day I have been waiting for since the launch of UFC Fight Pass earlier this year. A UFC Fight Pass App has been <a href="http://www.macrumors.com/2014/12/09/apple-tv-ufc-scene-fusion-dailymotion/" TARGET="_blank">added to the Apple TV</a>.

The UFC fight pass service costs $9.99 a month in the United States but offers various subscription plans.

UFC.TV offers access to a variety of Ultimate Fighting Championship content, including free and paid video. Users can subscribe to the service’s Fight Pass premium offering with a 6-month membership priced at $54.99 or a 12-month membership at $99.99. Users can also access archived pay-per-view content, although some pay-per-view content is unavailable in many countries due to regional restrictions.

I've been waiting for this day and it is here now. Come Jan. 1, UFC will be getting some of my money.

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My Most Sincere Apology to Every Last One of You

I must do something that I hate to do but which I am not afraid to do. In my previous post concerning the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer, I embedded a video from Youtube. That video was not the accurate trailer and in fact, had I been a little more careful when examining whom it was that uploaded said video it would have never made it on the site.

I hate making mistakes like this because they are sloppy and are just so simple to avoid. Yet, I did make that mistake and will not hide from it. The original post now features a link to the actual trailer with a note of explanation for anyone who happened to view the first one.

Still, I did not think that was sufficient for me to apologize for a very regretable error on my part. So I once again apologize for this particular error in judgement and carelessness. I am truly better than this. I am not using this as an excuse but I will say that I am a tad under the weather and have not gotten much sleep the last two days. As I said however, that is not an excuse and what I did was unfortunate.

Just to make it abundantly clear, below is the actual trailer straight from the Apple website.

If my misplaced video fooled you know this. I am truly sorry and if it makes you feel any better, I have a form of OCD where this particular kind of mistake is going to drive me mad for weeks.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some crow to eat with a side of shame and then perhaps I shall get some sleep.

Here is the real trailer.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

Here, for your viewing enjoyment is the first teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ will hit theaters on December 18, 2015. This trailer is being shown at select theaters throughout the country this weekend, can be seen on iTunes or at the link below the jump.

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CM Punk on the Art of Wrestling Podcast

CM Punk was on the Art of Wrestling podcast and if anything else, it was newsworthy.

Punk talks about his final months in WWE and what exactly went down and what made him quit. If for some reason you still haven’t found the show, the youtube link is after the jump:

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Bobby Heenan Rules

I’ve got to give credit to Wrestlecrap for making me aware of this one but it is just too good not to pass on.

Watch Bobby Heenan laugh at Hacksaw Jim Duggan on this episode of WCW World Wide. I don’t mean that he laughs at him for a few seconds, he loses it.

I dare you to watch this video and not laugh yourself.

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Video: Watch the Couch Gag from “Simpsorama” The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Episode

This Sunday night will be one of the best night’s all-time, all my life when the Simpsons crossover episode with Futurama airs on Fox.

I love “The Simpsons” as you can probably tell from some of my more recent posts on this site. But if there is anything I might love more than the Springfield gang it could just be “Futurama”.

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Thanks to the Discovery Channel, I may Never Sleep Again

This headline <a href="http://io9.com/discovery-claims-it-will-show-a-man-being-eaten-alive-b-1655142607" TARGET="_blank">Discovery Channel to Show Man being Eaten Alive by Giant Snake </a>is bound to cause me nightmares. Horrible long lasting nightmares. You could not pay me enough money to dawn a snake proof suit 

for such a feature. The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase says everybody has a price but not me, not for this.

You can watch the trailer for the Dec. 7 show after the jump.

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Wandering Euan’s euTube Extravaganza: I Have Returned

Okay, Euan’s not really back, that would be ridiculous. I’m just using his name for attention.

I’ve always wondered if I could do a better version of Wandering Euan’s euTube Extravaganza better than Euan himself. Actually, that’s a lie, I’ve always known that I could. So here is my attempt.

There is only one video. Chances are a lot of you will have seen it but if you have not it is worth the time because it is awesome.

Here is the summary…

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The World’s Most Famous Scotsman Gives His Views on Independence

No, not Euan, it would be a sad state of affairs if he were the world’s most famous Scotsman.

Of course I mean Groundskeeper Willie from ‘The Simpsons’. Here’s Willie to lay it all out for you prior to the big day on Sept. 18.

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Videos: Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Both Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Bryan Alvarez of Figure 4 weekly have taken the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

Here are the videos of their challenge.

Dave Meltzer:

Bryan Alvarez:

Video: Robin Williams Channels Euan Taylor

With the news of the apparent suicide of comedian Robin Williams at the age of 63, I wanted to post a couple of my favorite bits. I’m pretty much a sucker for Robin Williams doing a Scottish accent.

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Video: Watch the First 7 Minutes of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’

October is fast approaching and will be here before you know it. This year, October will be bringing with it, the premier of the new animated TV series ‘Star Wars: Rebels’. The series will have a 1-hour premier on the Disney Channel before moving to Disney XD for regular airings.

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