Video: WWE 2k15 Trailer Featuring Sting

That pretty much speaks for itself. This is what Sting was talking about in his tweet last week about 07.14.14.


Jim Ross calling video games

I’m not a gamer, many years ago I had Atari and Coleco-Vision but never transitioned into Nintendo and XBOX, except for a small stint playing Madden ’07 but since my interests in video games dwindled as I got older, I’ve drifted further from that subculture.

However, when I found the video above recently, I couldn’t help but think that if EA or any other video game company hired Jim Ross, perhaps the greatest pro-wrestling play-by-play commentator ever to exist, to call all of the action on these shoot-em-up games, I swear that I’d pour money into these developers’ pockets.

I mean, seriously, how has this not happened already? Maybe it was mentioned or proposed and lack of interest was the result. Anyway, enjoy the video!

Video: Watch the Trailer for the new TNA Mobile Game

Namco is releasing another version of their TNA mobile game. I guess this is a sign of just how little I think about TNA these days but I didn’t even know there was an original version of this game.

You can view the trailers after the jump.

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E.T. Phone New Mexico: They Dug Up Your Video Game

For years and years there was an urban legend that the video game company Atari had buried millions of unsold E.T. game cartridges in a New Mexico landfill.

Well, now comes word that the rumor is in fact true at least to a certain degree. A video crew working on a documentary film for distribution by Microsoft went to New Mexico and dug up the landfill. While they did not find millions of E.T. games they did find “hundreds”.

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