Ultimate Warrior’s Family Supports Operation Family Fund Through Donations in Lieu of Flowers

Operation Family Fund is a non-profit organization founded specifically to help thousands of military men, women, and their families who have been dramatically affected by Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. To date, over $2,000,000 has been awarded to families in need of support, assisting with much needed funds to maintain their lives while they cope with dramatic life changes, both physical and emotional.

Ultimate Warrior Family

Ridgecrest Ca (PRWEB) April 25, 2014

The sudden death of the Ultimate Warrior on April 8, 2014 has shocked the Loyal WWE Community. His wife, Dana, has kindly requested to have donations, in lieu of flowers, be sent to Operation Family Fund in honor of her husband’s great admiration for the military.
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ABC Sitcom to Pay Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior

TMZ spoke to Adam Goldberg, the creative force behind the ABC sitcom… ‘the Goldbergs’. Goldberg grew up a huge fan of the Ultimate Warrior and like many was saddened by the news of his recent death. The series which was set in the 1980’s was already working on an 80’s Wrestling episode to air May 6 and now that episode will be dedicated to Warrior.

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WWE Planning Two Warrior Tributes

TMZ reports that the WWE is working on two tributes to the Ultimate Warrior.

The first is set for Monday’s Raw and will showcase highlights of his career and final appearance in New Orleans last week. The other is set to air next Wednesday on the wWE Network.

Report: Ultimate Warrior did not Look Good in Days Leading up to Death, According to Witnesses

TMZ reports that the Ultimate Warrior didn’t look good all weekend. Witnesses report that he seemed to be in a lot of pain, was sweating quite a bit and breathing heavily. The sweat and heavy breathing are things people did not when discussing his appearances at the hall of fame and Monday’s raw.

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Even More on Death of Ultimate Warrior

TMZ has the latest details on the shocking death on Tuesday night of WWE Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior.

According to witnesses, Warrior and his wife were walking in a hotel when he clutched at his chest before going to the ground. Sources say that drugs and alcohol are not being considered as factors in the death. The exact description used in the story is a catastrophic medical event. Well…yeah. A massive heart attack is the likely cause.

A Maricopa County Medical Examiner tells TMZ that an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

Mike Johnson Shares Thoughts on the Passing of the Ultimate Warrior

I wanted to share this piece by Mike Johnson of PwInsider.com for one simple reason.

Mike Johnson actually experienced Warrior on a level that most people never would. I had forgotten all about this but Johnson interviewed Warrior for a Warrior DVD project back in 2004. Johnson describes what Warrior was like on and off camera that day. He also puts his death, the hall of fame, his place in the business and other thoughts in to context.

Very well done, in my opinion.

Revisit the Ultimate Warrior’s Final WWE Appearance

In a nice bookend to our earlier post featuring Ultimate Warrior’s debut match ; below is the video of what would turn out to be the Ultimate Warrior’s final ever appearance in the WWE.

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More on Death of Ultimate Warrior

TMZ reports that at 5:50 local time, the Ultimate Warrior collapsed outside of an Arizona hotel while walking to his car with his wife. Warrior was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. The former WWF champion and 2014 Hall of Fame inductee was 54.

His death occurred only one day after his final appearance on WWE television. A return to Raw for the first time since July 8, 1996.

View our story here.

WWE Superstars react to the news here.

Watch his debut match in the WWF here.

Tell us your favorite Warrior moment here.

What was Your Favorite Ultimate Warrior Match or Moment?

The Ultimate Warrior wasn’t exactly known for having the best matches in the history of the WWF. Still, things like workrate and ring psychology mattered a lot less when I was an 9 year old and

So, even though I have a funny feeling I already know what the answer is going to be for most people, I wanted to give you the chance to vote for your favorite Warrior match or moment.

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WWE Hall of Fame Live Recap and Reaction

Hello everyone and welcome to our live recap and reaction the WWE hall of fame induction ceremony. Of course this ceremony is available on the WWE network but if you’re looking for a place to share thoughts as you watch it or just want live updates to know if the network crashed or something then keep it here. We’ll be recapping each speech, making bad jokes, misspelling a lot of words and a whole lot more…or perhaps that sums it up, time will tell.

You can refresh your browser to keep up with the latest reactions.
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The Iron Sheik Tweet of the Day April Fool’s Edition

Today is April Fool’s Day. The day when people play lame jokes on their friends in an attempt to make themselves feel superior. As I said, most of them are lame. The fake news stories that pop up on websites are usually worse. I never fall for them because um…I remember that today is April Fool’s Day.
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