Wrestle Kingdom 9 is Good for the Wrestling Fan’s Soul

When Global Force Wrestling announced that they would be spearheading an English Language version of the annual New Japan Pro Wrestling Jan. 4 show at the Tokyo Dome, I was quite excited.

I’ve been casually following the NJPW product for years by listening to the Observer Radio shows after big events. The language barrier is an issue for me being visually impaired, I need the commentary to give me a sense of the action so that’s why I never ordered online.

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Ratings for Every Simpsons Ever Break FXX Records

Granted, the FXX records in question aren’t exactly world beaters but the first day of the “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon trippled the station average in primetime.

The network out performed such bigtime networks as TNT and USA as well as sister channel FX last night.

The highest rated episode of the day was “Itchy and Scratchy and Marge” which aired at 8:30 PM ET. It did a 0.59 in the demo and 1.23 million viewers for the half hour.

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Spike TV Elects not to Renew Television Contract with Impact Wrestling

TNA iMPACT debuted on Spike TV on October 1, 2005. After about a year on the air, the show was moved from Saturday night to a 2-hour block on Thursday. Then in 2010 there was an ill-fated move to Monday night to go head-to-head with Monday Night Raw and rekindle the Monday night war that did wonders for the industry in the late 1990s.

Now, the end would seem to have arrived. TMZ reported that Spike TV won’t be renewing the contract for iMPACT Wrestling.

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TNA Wrestling looks like its close to flatlining….

photo: wrestlingnews.co

With the recent “WTF” moments that TNA Wrestling has pulled off, whether it’s giving Eric Bryan, er, Eric Young the TNA title or cutting loads of talent and still wondering if Spike will give them another chance at TV, it’s no wonder that TNA isn’t even drawing flies.

This evidence arrived to WrestlingNews.co when a reader who attended Friday night’s show in Bowie, MD, submitted photos showing the lack of asses in the seats; it was estimated that AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED (100) PEOPLE were in the Bowie Baysox stadium. The local minor league baseball team the Baysox, draw 3,000 fans for a game.

Other towns on the weekend tour drew similar numbers to Friday’s show apparently. The death of the company is knocking loudly but Dixie Carter seems to think that it’s fans like our own Casey Trowbridge that is wrong with wrestling.

And once again Dixie, you are wrong.

The Casey Trowbridge Tweet of the Day for 06/09/2014 with guest appearance from Impact Wrestling’s Dixie Carter

Usually this is the Iron Sheik tweet of the day. However, today I have decided to quote a man who is just slightly less awesome than Sheiky and that of course is me.

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Video: Watch the Trailer for the new TNA Mobile Game

Namco is releasing another version of their TNA mobile game. I guess this is a sign of just how little I think about TNA these days but I didn’t even know there was an original version of this game.

You can view the trailers after the jump.

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Why Jim Cornette Rules and You Don’t

No Iron Sheik tweet of the day the last couple of days. I figure that given everything that has happened it is probably best to lay off of that one for a few days. Besides, all Sheiky is tweeting about is Nancy Grace and his insults twoard her aren’t as severe as what our friend Mark Danger used to call her.

However, even with Sheiky on a break, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a wealth of enjoyable things to find on twitter. This one is a few days old but you might not have seen it.

Here is Jim Cornette’s tweet from April 7:

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Our Long National Nightmare is Not Over

I’m no fool. Sure, there might be an X-girlfriend or two that would disagree but none of them have posting privileges on this site which is proof that I’m no fool.

Now that we’ve established my lack of being a fool…no pity here, we can move on to the actual point of this post.

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