Today will be a Day Long Remembered

First thing’s first, everyone should welcome Mia to the site.

Mia’s agreement to blog here from time to time means that Ric Gillespie’s day as the female on the staff are over. However, there is still a chance that Ric is more feminine.

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Reminder: Join the Pro Football and Survival Pick’em Groups

If you want to get in on the combat hooligans NFL pick’em and survival pools before the season starts this week, you still have time but the clock is ticking. The first game is Thursday night when the Green Bay Packers take on the Seattle Seahawks.

So get those entries in. Sign up for free and see if you can be the person to stop me from winning this pool for the third straight year.

Here are the instructions.

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Join our Football Pick’em Leagues for the 2014 NFL and College Football Seasons

We hear at Combat Hooligans are all big football fans. Every year, we do a pro pick’em league, a college pick’em league and a survival pick’em league on Yahoo.

We always throw it open to outside parties to sign up. If you are afraid of finishing last, don’t be afraid. Euan usually forgets to make picks more often than he remembers which almost always results in his last place finish.

Here are this year’s details…

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NFL unveils new logo for Super Bowl 50


For the first time in fifty years the NFL will not be using Roman numerals to denote the upcoming Super Bowl. Instead the number “50” will be used for the logo and its campaigns.

This is one-time deal so the following Super Bowl will be Super Bowl LI.

Michael Sam Documentary Project with OWN on Hold

I apologize for not getting to this news yesterday when it broke because honestly I had things I was doing and I wanted a break from this particular topic.

I wrote a lengthy article the other day reacting to the news that he was working on a documentary project with the Oprah Winfrey Network.

I’ll sum up the 3700 word piece by saying that I thought the show was a horrible idea. I thought it made him look bad for saying he wanted to be remembered as a football player and not a gay football player only to turn around and announce this project. I said he was entitled to make mistakes like anyone else and that he could undo the damage by putting a halt to the project.

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Report: NFL Knew about Michael Sam’s Documentary, did not Inform Teams

I have already shared my lengthy response to the news that Michael Sam was going to do a reality show for the Oprah. Although I guess the term they’re using is documentary but in my opinion that’s splitting hairs.

Yesterday, we learned that the Rams won’t be involved in the project and weren’t even asked. Which makes me wonder what the purpose of this show is other than to bring attention to Michael Sam’s sexuality since they won’t be showing any football.

Then we have this latest bit of news which cranks the obsurdity level up another notch.

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The Iron Sheik Tweet of the Day 05/12/2014

Most of the time I’m pretty good about limiting my Iron Sheik Tweets of the Day to just one tweet. However, sometimes there are multiple tweets that I think need to be included.

Today is one of those times.

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The Most Accurate Grades for the 2014 NFL Draft You’ll Find Online

I realize that it is kind of silly to grade draft classes that haven’t even stepped on an NFL practice field let alone played in a real game.

Still, if years of following the draft has taught me anything it is that people like these immediate draft grades. So, who am I to let you down?

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Of Course the Iron Sheik Weighed In on Johnny Manziel and Of Course I’m Sharing

I was a little distracted during the NFL draft last night. Which means that to my own regret, I missed some of what the Iron Sheik was saying on twitter. It turns out he had a lot to say, especially as the slide of Johnny Manziel dragged on throughout the night. Here are some of his best tweets from the evening.

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First Round Coverage of the 2014 NFL Draft Results in Big Numbers for ESPN

The reaction to the NFL draft moving to early May might have been mostly negative but there was no negative impact on the rating.

ESPN announced that last night’s coverage of the first round of the NFL draft scored a 6.8 overnight rating which is the highest number for the draft in the network’s history. If you include the numbers for NFL network you get an 8.64 preliminary number.

The highest rated market was Cleveland which isn’t a surprise to me since they did have 2 picks and what else were people in Cleveland going to watch last night?

The highest rated quarter hour was when the Dallas Cowboys were on the clock and there was speculation that they might take Johnny Manziel.

This news doesn’t really surprise me at all.

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The NFL Draft is Finally Going to Take Place…no, trust me, it is

The time for speculation is almost over. All of the articles listing team needs, prospect rankings, mock drafts and teams likely to trade up or down have been consumed like candy over the past couple of months.

Today, the first round of the 2014 NFL draft will take place. This is a bit unusual because usually the draft is held near the end of April. But a scheduling conflict at the Radio City Music Hall and a desire by the NFL to experiment with a new schedule led to the May delay.

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NFL 2014 scheduled released


You can click here and go week-by-week.

I’m an Eagles fan and Euan’s a Giants fan so we’ll have fun going back and forth rooting for our NFC East rival teams, and as for Casey, who’s a Raiders fan… well, you guys got Matt Schaub…. cue crickets ah, just teasing man, at least you’re not a Bills fan, or a Browns fan.

Anyway, it’s exciting to see the new schedule out, and the draft comes up in two weeks, and before you know it… KICKOFF!!!

Mugshot of Former NFL QB Donovan McNabb released


photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Thursday afternoon Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office released a mugshot photo of former Eagles/Redskins/Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb, who was arrested on DUI back in January which is when this photo was supposedly taken. Why it was released today remains a mystery.
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