Still Time to Get in On the Madness

It is not too late to enter the Combat Hooligans March Madness pool. You have until the games start tomorrow to head over to Yahoo and fill out a bracket. We’ve got 9 players so far but round numbers are better.

The winner of the pool will have Ric Gillespie perminently erased from their memory. The loser will have to switch bodies with Ric Gillespie for a year. So the stakes are high!

Go to and click on “find a pool” then click on “join private pool” and enter the following information:

group ID=63202 and password=sheikybaby.

Configure your settings and fill in the entire bracket before the start of the games tomorrow. Good luck to all, except Euan.


Join the Combat Hooligans Tournament Pick’em Challenge

The NCAA College Basketball tournament begins next week. As is our tradition going back to 2007, we’ve set up a March Madness tournament challenge group in which you can participate. You’ll all want to take part in this year’s event because you’ll need to see if our own Euan Taylor can redeem himself after last year’s embarrassment. Last year, Euan, the man who sets up all of these groups, forgot to make his own picks and thus earned an amazing 0 points. Can he repeat that feet this year? Of course he can but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he won’t make that mistake again. He may just forget to pick a champion like he did the first time we did this. Yeah, Euan kinda sucks, lol.

Anyway, here is how you join:



  • Go to
  • click on “find a pool”
  • click on “join a private pool”
  • When prompted, enter the group ID 63202
  • then enter the password ‘sheikybaby’
  • follow the next few steps and click “save” and you’re in
  • Then don’t forget to make your picks when the selections are announced tomorrow…Euan
  • </ol?

    No cost to play and nothing if you win besides bragging rights.

    March Madness Bracket entrant screws himself by not picking champion


    Corey’s Champion Bracket seems to be anything but, since “Corey” or whomever did this bracket pictured above DIDN’T PICK A WINNER of the entire tournament! That’s too bad considering that this bracket not only predicted a Connecticut/Kentucky final match, but is also ranked tied at 4th in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.
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    Join the March Madness Pool

    Hey all, as you know March means that it is time for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. The women have a tournament as well but we’re not interested in that…sorry ladies, it isn’t personal!

    One of the things we used to do back when we had a thriving website was run a march madness pool on Yahoo.

    Even though we continued to do it long after we closed the website, we decided we would make you all aware of it for this year. It is free for anyone to join.

    Here is the information you need.

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