News on HBO’s Stand Alone Service

Last year, HBO announced that it would be launching a subscription service aimed at those people who do not have some sort of cable or satellite package.

More news on the service, which will be called HBO Now can be found at this link:

The service is expected to carry a price of $15 a month which is pretty close to the same amount a cable subscriber would pay for the channel. The company is hoping to have the service ready for launch next month, in time for the April 12 premier of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’.

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HBO to Offer Stand Alone Streaming Service in 2015

In a bit of news that could have serious ramifications down the road, HBO has announced that it will begin offering a stand alone streaming service in 2015.

For the Ric Gillespie’s of the world who aren’t sure what this means, it means that a person could subscribe to HBO without having a cable subscription of any kind.

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