More Posts on Being Visually Impaired

First of all may I just say that I am very excited that the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is happening in May. It is a few years later than I would have liked, we discussed this fight during the original incarnation of the site but the fact that it is happening at all is at least better than the alternative of it never happening.
I may even bring back a staple of the old site and do some round by round live blogging of the fight but we shall see.

Anyway, I wanted to share links to my on-going series on being visually impaired.

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‘Friends’ is Coming to Netflix in 2015

Today, it was announced that all 10 seasons of the hit NBC sitcom ‘Friends’ will be made available to Netflix subscribers on January 1, 2015.

The official announcement included a video featuring the Rembrandts and Gunther!

NBC 2014-2015 Fall Schedule ‘Must See TV’ is Dead

I’m going to Link to the 2014-2015 NBC schedule but present it without much comment.

I just don’t feel compelled to speculate about these fall schedules because most of the shows that are scheduled to air won’t see a season 2 and a few won’t even make it all the way through season 1 before getting pulled. Shows that get hyped in May and pulled in October are more the rule than the exception. I remember last May that there was talk of whether or not ‘The Michael J. Fox show’ could pull a better rating than its CBS Competition ‘Two and a Half Men’. That talk died out by week two of the season and MJF was gone from the schedule entirely shortly into the new year. So you just never know how these things will work out.

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News and Notes from around Television: Renewals, Cancelations, Series Orders, Where are they now, Lost’s Worst Episodes, Reboots and More

The following is a collection of links to various news and notes from the television industry. There is a lot of news I find interesting but not so interesting that I think it needs a seperate article.

Find them all after the jump.

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