WWE RAW Spoiler re: World Heavyweight Title status

Spoiler after the jump….
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WWE’s Daniel Bryan neck surgery concluded

photo: WWE.com

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan underwent minimally-invasive neck surgery on Thursday morning which was performed by Dr. Joseph Maroon. WWE’s website didn’t reveal a timetable as to when Bryan will return to action (milking it for a huge surprise return) but did report that he “is out of surgery and doing well, with strength already returning to his hands.”
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Video: Watch WWE’s Tribute to Connor Michalek

The pro wrestling industry sometimes gets a bad reputation. This isn’t exactly hard to understand when you consider some of the stereotypically racist and sexist gimmicks that have been offered up to fans in the long history of sports entertainment. That doesn’t even include all of the horribly offensive skits that were once a staple of most wrestling programs.

However, the industry and the people involved in it are also able to rise up and demonstrate to all of us what real class is supposed to look like.

If you don’t believe me, keep reading and see for yourself.

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Daniel Bryan’s father passes away


photo: wwe.com

Daniel Bryan’s father has passed away, Bryan still plans on performing on tonight’s edition of Raw.

We here at Combat-Hooligans.net extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to Daniel Bryan and his family.

Our Long National Nightmare is Not Over

I’m no fool. Sure, there might be an X-girlfriend or two that would disagree but none of them have posting privileges on this site which is proof that I’m no fool.

Now that we’ve established my lack of being a fool…no pity here, we can move on to the actual point of this post.

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YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

No, we’re not referencing Meg Ryan’s infamous pseudogasm, we’re referencing the war cry of one Daniel Bryan aka Bryan Danielson aka American Dragon; a man who we’ve seen hone his no-nonsense style and craft in Ring Of Honor, IWA Mid South, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and many other independent promotions.

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What was the Most Memorable Moment at WrestleMania

With WrestleMania XXX in the books, it seems like a good idea to ask this question. What is the most memorable moment from WrestleMania XXX?

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The Iron Sheik Tweet of the Day 03/27/2014

I didn’t think the Iron Sheik had a strong day on twitter yesterday. It happens from time to time. But the man is back today and selecting a single tweet of the day was hard. But even though I included some nominees, I think we do have a clear winner.

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