We’re Looking for New Talent with Interests in Writing or Podcasting

I’ve been meaning to talk about this subject for quite some time now but I just haven’t had the chance. I was actually going to do an audio post about it as early as March but that just never came to happen.

I have to say that I am definitely speaking only for myself here. However, I am pretty confident after years of knowing Art and Euan that they probably agree with at least some of what I am about to express.

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A Nice Day on the Site

We had a nice day on the site. We posted a lot of Articles some of them informative, some of them funny and some of them from Euan.
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My first attempt at an audio post

So I decided that there was just one more thing I had to try out before I went to bed. I had to do an audio post, so that I could subject the world…or all the people who listen to it to my voice. I’m not sure you’ll be hearing many of these but I will try them out a couple of times just to break things up.

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It Has Been A Long Road Back

WWE logo

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the WWE Network I’m not sure you would be reading this post because I’m not sure I would have written it.

Art did a pretty good job of welcoming you to the site and summing up what this site is going to be all about. But just because he did a good job, that’s not going to stop me from rambling on about it. If you don’t like that you can just stop reading and move on with your day. Otherwise, I have some thoughts after the jump.

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It’s been a long-time coming…. after countless discussions and attempts, we are back with a new website…. if you’re familiar with us, thanks for coming back. For the uninitiated, get acquainted and stay awhile and have fun with us as we talk about whatever the hell is catching our interests at the moment. It’s awesome to have the “band” back together again.

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