News on HBO’s Stand Alone Service

Last year, HBO announced that it would be launching a subscription service aimed at those people who do not have some sort of cable or satellite package.

More news on the service, which will be called HBO Now can be found at this link:

The service is expected to carry a price of $15 a month which is pretty close to the same amount a cable subscriber would pay for the channel. The company is hoping to have the service ready for launch next month, in time for the April 12 premier of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’.

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UFC App added to Apple TV

Today is a day I have been waiting for since the launch of UFC Fight Pass earlier this year. A UFC Fight Pass App has been <a href="" TARGET="_blank">added to the Apple TV</a>.

The UFC fight pass service costs $9.99 a month in the United States but offers various subscription plans.

UFC.TV offers access to a variety of Ultimate Fighting Championship content, including free and paid video. Users can subscribe to the service’s Fight Pass premium offering with a 6-month membership priced at $54.99 or a 12-month membership at $99.99. Users can also access archived pay-per-view content, although some pay-per-view content is unavailable in many countries due to regional restrictions.

I've been waiting for this day and it is here now. Come Jan. 1, UFC will be getting some of my money.

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Apple TV Adds CNBC and FOXNow to Lineup

Apple released an update today to its Apple TV set-top box which added 2 new channels to the growing amount of content it provides.

The first is CNBC, the business news cable network. This channel app allows for on demand viewing of episodes of the network’s programs as well as clips. It also provides access to a live stream of the network. Activation through a cable provider is required. You can view a list of available cable companies by clicking here.

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Apple TV Adds 4 Channels, including ABC News

An update was pushed through to the Apple TV on Tuesday and it contained for new dedicated apps.

ABC News is an app that contains both live and archived footage from ABC news and some of its local affliliates. The stream mirrors the one that can be found on

This continues the strong working relationship between Apple and ABC’s parent company, Disney. Already the Apple TV has dedicated channels for ABC, Disney, Disney Jr., Disney XD, ESPN, A&E, Lifetime and History.. Currently the ABC News app is only available in the United States but it is expected to be available internationally over the next few weeks.

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Apple TV gets 3 new Apps Today…

Apple has pushed out an update to the Apple TV with 3 new apps. They are apps for the cable channels A&E, History and Lifetime. As is usually the case when new cable channel apps appear on the service, you need to log in with a cable or satellite provider to get full use of them.

However, at this moment the only 3 services available to verify a subscription for are: Directv, Optimum and Verizon. On the roku, a lot more service providers are available so it is reasonable to assume that they will be added to the Apple TV listings as well.

It seems like Apple is releasing a few new apps for the Apple TV every month now. It is still far behind the Roku in terms of the volume of apps available but that could change soon. Apple is rumored to be working on a new version of the Apple TV which would support gaming and that would mean third party apps. It would also probably mean a larger volume of streaming apps than currently exist. Time will tell.

Atlantic Coast Conference and Campus Insiders Launch New Sports Channel on Apple TV

I absolutely love my Apple TV. Sure, the Roku has more channels available but of those 700+ channels how many of them are any good and how many does one person actually watch in a given month?

Hey, if you’re a Roku fan that’s awesome and I’m not trying to downllay your particular choice in streaming device but for me personally, Apple TV was the way to go for a number of reasons.
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