Loyal readers (always try to open with a joke) will notice that this site has not been updated in quite some time. When we started the blog again it was because the three of us: myself, Art Shimko and Euan Taylor wanted to do a project together again. Well, that hasn't exactly played out as we'd hoped.

Art was active for a few months and Euan disappeared after just a few weeks. You know you're in trouble when <a href="" TARGET="_blank" title="">Ric Gillespie </a>is more active than you. You know, we've all gotten busy and had changes in our personal lives that have resulted in priority shifts so that is really the reason that interest in writing has fallen for so many of us. Art now uses social media to share links and other things he finds interesting which is cool and Euan...well Euan was crushed to death by a lrge pile of unsold TNA DVDs...allegedly.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

On behalf of myself, Art, Euan, what’shisname and the rest of the hooligans, I want to wish you a merry Christmas, and a safe and happy holiday season. May you enjoy healthy and memorable times with family and friends!

So What was That?

So some of you might have seen a post on this site called the Danger Daily News. You might have even read it and been a little shocked, confused or offended. You will also probably also notice that the Danger Daily News has since been taken off of the website. This post right now is meant to explain what that was all about and how a breakdown in communication is to blame.

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Happy Thanksgiving from

On behalf of myself and everyone associated with Combat Hooligans, I would like to wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

<a href="" TARGET="_blank">Here is a post </a>that details all the things that I am thankful for this year. I have <a href="" TARGET="_blank">another post </a>specifically for audiobook empire fans.

If you are reading this from outside of the United States and it is not Thanksgiving for you, then I hope you have a safe and happy Thursday.

Today will be a Day Long Remembered

First thing’s first, everyone should welcome Mia to the site.

Mia’s agreement to blog here from time to time means that Ric Gillespie’s day as the female on the staff are over. However, there is still a chance that Ric is more feminine.

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We’re Looking for New Talent with Interests in Writing or Podcasting

I’ve been meaning to talk about this subject for quite some time now but I just haven’t had the chance. I was actually going to do an audio post about it as early as March but that just never came to happen.

I have to say that I am definitely speaking only for myself here. However, I am pretty confident after years of knowing Art and Euan that they probably agree with at least some of what I am about to express.

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Art’s Audio Update 4/23/14

Back with a long overdue audio update discussing what’s been going on in pro wrestling (Mania/Warrior/Extreme Rising/indy wrestling), NFL schedule and what’s trending on the site. Thanks for listening and thanks for your support!

Art’s Audio Update 4/23/14