Still Time to Get in On the Madness

It is not too late to enter the Combat Hooligans March Madness pool. You have until the games start tomorrow to head over to Yahoo and fill out a bracket. We’ve got 9 players so far but round numbers are better.

The winner of the pool will have Ric Gillespie perminently erased from their memory. The loser will have to switch bodies with Ric Gillespie for a year. So the stakes are high!

Go to and click on “find a pool” then click on “join private pool” and enter the following information:

group ID=63202 and password=sheikybaby.

Configure your settings and fill in the entire bracket before the start of the games tomorrow. Good luck to all, except Euan.


Join the Combat Hooligans Tournament Pick’em Challenge

The NCAA College Basketball tournament begins next week. As is our tradition going back to 2007, we’ve set up a March Madness tournament challenge group in which you can participate. You’ll all want to take part in this year’s event because you’ll need to see if our own Euan Taylor can redeem himself after last year’s embarrassment. Last year, Euan, the man who sets up all of these groups, forgot to make his own picks and thus earned an amazing 0 points. Can he repeat that feet this year? Of course he can but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he won’t make that mistake again. He may just forget to pick a champion like he did the first time we did this. Yeah, Euan kinda sucks, lol.

Anyway, here is how you join:



  • Go to
  • click on “find a pool”
  • click on “join a private pool”
  • When prompted, enter the group ID 63202
  • then enter the password ‘sheikybaby’
  • follow the next few steps and click “save” and you’re in
  • Then don’t forget to make your picks when the selections are announced tomorrow…Euan
  • </ol?

    No cost to play and nothing if you win besides bragging rights.

    Forget Schrödinger’s Cat, I have Schrödinger’s WWE Network Subscription

    If you are familiar with the concept of Schrödinger’s catI just realized today that I have a textbook case of Schrödinger’s WWE network subscription.

    I’ve been getting emails telling me that my WWE network subscription expires tomorrow. Today, I got one telling me it will expire tomorrow so I decided to log in to my account and see. Honestly, had WrestleMania fallen in April and not March, I would have saved myself the $$$ and let it expire for a month.

    But no, when I logged into my account I was informed that my next billing date is tomorrow which means my subscription will renew.

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    Iron Sheik to Guest on The Ross Report Next Week

    Yes, you read that correctly. The man, the myth, the Legend himself, The Iron Sheik will be a guest on the Ross Report Podcast next tuesday.

    The Iron Sheik is the reason this site exists as you can find out if you read our history section. So of course it had to be mentioned. The Ross Report can be accessed at next Tuesday at 9:00 PM.

    2015 WWE Royal Rumble Challenge Entry Order

    The 2015 Royal Rumble challenge Entry Order has been set. We have 25 competitors set and so there are 5 lucky souls that ended up getting 2 numbers in the match.

    I used to generate the order of entry list. The methodology I used is probably more complicated than I needed to make it but it was random and ensured every person had as good a chance as everyone else to end up with two numbers.

    The order of entry is blow the jump. If the wrestler that comes out at your number wins the match, you win the challenge.

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    Still Time to Enter the 2015 Combat Hooligans Royal Rumble Challenge

    The 2015 WWE Royal Rumble is on Sunday. There is still time to enter the 2015 Combat Royal Rumble challenge.

    It is simple. Tomorrow, a random number drawing will take place. If you get, for example, the #21 and the person who enters the Royal Rumble on Sunday at #21 wins, then you win the challenge.

    Fast, simple, free. Second place goes to the person who has the entry that is responsible for most eliminations.

    We have 15 entries thus far. If we get no more, each person will get two numbers. If we get thirty, each person will get one number. Between 15 and 30 and there will be random drawings to see the lucky people that get two numbers. All numbers will be posted on this site after the drawing.

    How do you enter the challenge?

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    Get in on the 2015 Combat Hooligans Royal Rumble Pool

    The 2015 WWE Royal Rumble is quickly approaching and as a result, it is time again for the Combat Hooligans Royal Rumble pool.
    What is the Combat Hooligans Royal Rumble pool? The Combat Hooligans Royal Rumble pool allows for 30 players. Each is asigned a number by random and that number matches the wrestler who enters that spot in the Royal Rumble. As an example, last year I was assigned the number 1 and the number one participant in the Royal Rumble was CM Punk. So had Punk won the Royal Rumble, I would have won the pool.

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    Pop-Quiz Time! Jon Jones Or Justin Bieber?

    1.) Which one is the UFC Light-Heavyweight champion?

    2.) Which one is a world-famous singer/songwriter?

    (I know what you’re thinking … This is too easy.)

    3.) Which one of these role models, despite being a self-avowed Christian and only in his twenties, has a recent past scattered with such moral behavior as a public skirmish (or two), a DUI arrest (which included a vehicle crash), and drug use?

    (Now, all Jones needs is to buy himself a plane.)

    Wrestle Kingdom 9 is Good for the Wrestling Fan’s Soul

    When Global Force Wrestling announced that they would be spearheading an English Language version of the annual New Japan Pro Wrestling Jan. 4 show at the Tokyo Dome, I was quite excited.

    I’ve been casually following the NJPW product for years by listening to the Observer Radio shows after big events. The language barrier is an issue for me being visually impaired, I need the commentary to give me a sense of the action so that’s why I never ordered online.

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    UFC App added to Apple TV

    Today is a day I have been waiting for since the launch of UFC Fight Pass earlier this year. A UFC Fight Pass App has been <a href="" TARGET="_blank">added to the Apple TV</a>.
    The UFC fight pass service costs $9.99 a month in the United States but offers various subscription plans.

    UFC.TV offers access to a variety of Ultimate Fighting Championship content, including free and paid video. Users can subscribe to the service’s Fight Pass premium offering with a 6-month membership priced at $54.99 or a 12-month membership at $99.99. Users can also access archived pay-per-view content, although some pay-per-view content is unavailable in many countries due to regional restrictions.

    I've been waiting for this day and it is here now. Come Jan. 1, UFC will be getting some of my money.

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    CM Punk on the Art of Wrestling Podcast

    CM Punk was on the Art of Wrestling podcast and if anything else, it was newsworthy.

    Punk talks about his final months in WWE and what exactly went down and what made him quit. If for some reason you still haven’t found the show, the youtube link is after the jump:

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    Bobby Heenan Rules

    I’ve got to give credit to Wrestlecrap for making me aware of this one but it is just too good not to pass on.

    Watch Bobby Heenan laugh at Hacksaw Jim Duggan on this episode of WCW World Wide. I don’t mean that he laughs at him for a few seconds, he loses it.

    I dare you to watch this video and not laugh yourself.

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