Loyal readers (always try to open with a joke) will notice that this site has not been updated in quite some time. When we started the blog again it was because the three of us: myself, Art Shimko and Euan Taylor wanted to do a project together again. Well, that hasn't exactly played out as we'd hoped.

Art was active for a few months and Euan disappeared after just a few weeks. You know you're in trouble when <a href="" TARGET="_blank" title="">Ric Gillespie </a>is more active than you. You know, we've all gotten busy and had changes in our personal lives that have resulted in priority shifts so that is really the reason that interest in writing has fallen for so many of us. Art now uses social media to share links and other things he finds interesting which is cool and Euan...well Euan was crushed to death by a lrge pile of unsold TNA DVDs...allegedly.

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Still Time to Get in On the Madness

It is not too late to enter the Combat Hooligans March Madness pool. You have until the games start tomorrow to head over to Yahoo and fill out a bracket. We’ve got 9 players so far but round numbers are better.

The winner of the pool will have Ric Gillespie perminently erased from their memory. The loser will have to switch bodies with Ric Gillespie for a year. So the stakes are high!

Go to and click on “find a pool” then click on “join private pool” and enter the following information:

group ID=63202 and password=sheikybaby.

Configure your settings and fill in the entire bracket before the start of the games tomorrow. Good luck to all, except Euan.

Join the Combat Hooligans Tournament Pick’em Challenge

The NCAA College Basketball tournament begins next week. As is our tradition going back to 2007, we’ve set up a March Madness tournament challenge group in which you can participate. You’ll all want to take part in this year’s event because you’ll need to see if our own Euan Taylor can redeem himself after last year’s embarrassment. Last year, Euan, the man who sets up all of these groups, forgot to make his own picks and thus earned an amazing 0 points. Can he repeat that feet this year? Of course he can but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he won’t make that mistake again. He may just forget to pick a champion like he did the first time we did this. Yeah, Euan kinda sucks, lol.

Anyway, here is how you join:



  • Go to
  • click on “find a pool”
  • click on “join a private pool”
  • When prompted, enter the group ID 63202
  • then enter the password ‘sheikybaby’
  • follow the next few steps and click “save” and you’re in
  • Then don’t forget to make your picks when the selections are announced tomorrow…Euan
  • </ol?

    No cost to play and nothing if you win besides bragging rights.

    News on HBO’s Stand Alone Service

    Last year, HBO announced that it would be launching a subscription service aimed at those people who do not have some sort of cable or satellite package.

    More news on the service, which will be called HBO Now can be found at this link:

    The service is expected to carry a price of $15 a month which is pretty close to the same amount a cable subscriber would pay for the channel. The company is hoping to have the service ready for launch next month, in time for the April 12 premier of the fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones’.

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    Forget Schrödinger’s Cat, I have Schrödinger’s WWE Network Subscription

    If you are familiar with the concept of Schrödinger’s catI just realized today that I have a textbook case of Schrödinger’s WWE network subscription.

    I’ve been getting emails telling me that my WWE network subscription expires tomorrow. Today, I got one telling me it will expire tomorrow so I decided to log in to my account and see. Honestly, had WrestleMania fallen in April and not March, I would have saved myself the $$$ and let it expire for a month.

    But no, when I logged into my account I was informed that my next billing date is tomorrow which means my subscription will renew.

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    Concluding the Series

    I have concluded my lengthy series of posts on living life with a visual impairment.

    Part XIII is about going to school:

    Part XIV is about how I get around:

    Part XV is just covering some random topics that didn’t fit anywhere else:

    Part XVI is putting the whole thing in to perspective and making some acknowledgements:

    Entry 12 in My Series of Posts About Being Visually Impaired

    In entry 12, which has been my favorite to write thus far, I talk about dating relationships. Since I can’t see what attracts me to a woman? How do I flirt? What might be like to date someone with a visual impairment (this is what it would be like to date me but not all cases are the same) and how I do or do not meet women.

    This is probably my favorite of all the entries I’ve written thus far. I can also say with confidence that the series will run through the end of February with the final post coming on Saturday. Unless of course I get more reader questions that necessitate follow up posts.

    More Posts on Being Visually Impaired

    First of all may I just say that I am very excited that the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is happening in May. It is a few years later than I would have liked, we discussed this fight during the original incarnation of the site but the fact that it is happening at all is at least better than the alternative of it never happening.
    I may even bring back a staple of the old site and do some round by round live blogging of the fight but we shall see.

    Anyway, I wanted to share links to my on-going series on being visually impaired.

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    Thoughts on the Two and a Half Men Finale: I loved It

    This post contains spoilers from the Two and a Half Men finale which aired last night. Read at your own risk.
    I wanted to take a break from plugging my series of posts on my personal website about being visually impaired, up to eight as of this writing with more to come, to talk about last night's series finale of Two and a Half Men.
    I have been a fan of Two and a Half Men for a long time though not since the very beginning of the series. I am one of those people that never seems to get into a series when it first comes on the air. My current favorite show, The Big Bang Theory, is one that I started watching when season 1 came out on DVD. I like to binge watch shows and so I used to buy a lot of TV on DVD for that purpose. The first season of Two and a Half Men did not come out on DVD until the show was in season 4 or 5. But I did buy it and I did watch it and I became a fan and started to watch the show on television.
    Two and a Half Men was one of the shows I would actually make it a point to watch every week once I started to watch the current episodes. I wasn't big on watching network TV then and almost everything I watched was either on DVD or on TV Land or something. What can I say? I love old sitcoms.
    I was more of a fan of the Charlie Harper years than the Walden Schmidt years but not too much more. I thought the show went a different direction after the Charlie years and was fine with it. So this series finale was the first one in quite some time that I was eagerly anticipating. I haven't looked forward to a series finale this much since Friends and Frasier went off the air over a decade ago.
    So how did I enjoy the finale?

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    The Next Two Visually Impaired Posts

    I have posted two more entries in my on-going series on what it is like to be visually impaired.

    Part V should have been the first part. This part was prompted by a question from a reader who wanted to get to know me better and wanted to know more basic information about me. So this post deals with my life as it is right now as well as a story or two about choosing a college and some other material.

    Today’s post deals with some questions I have gotten from readers up to this point as well as an introduction to and explanation of how Braille works.

    I can see the end coming unless I get more questions, maybe 2 or 3 more posts to go, unless I revisit the series at a later date. I’m posting one a day as things either come to me or I get questions.

    How Do the Blind Dream?

    Yesterday and today I have put up two more posts over on my personal website on what it is like for me to be visually impaired.
    Yesterday's post discusses entertainment options for me, technology issues and public speaking. It also is the first post in which I ask for any questions readers might have.
    You can read that post at the following link:

    Today's post might be interesting to any person who reads this and is interested in dreams. In this post, I tackle the question of how do blind people dream?

    As I said, anyone interested in dreams might find that quite interesting. I can't say if it would come as news to people who research dreams for a living but it is there for all, regardless.

    More on What it is Like to be Visually Impaired

    Earlier today, I linked to a post I wrote on my personal website on what it is like for me to live my life with a visual impairment. A friend’s comment sparked another thought and then it was like a snowball rolling down hill and led to an entire sequel post.

    This post contains more childhood memories, memories of what it was like when I lost a lot of the vision I was born with, why I relate better to people older than me and when it was that I felt like I could relate to people my own age for the first time.

    If you liked the first one, this one might be even better.

    This Thing I Wrote

    The fact that I am visually impaired does not come up often on this site. For reasons that remain unclear to me even hours after writing it, I decided to write a post about what it has been like for me to live my life with blindness. I wrote it on my personal website, so if you are interested in reading it:

    I do not claim that my experiences are the same as anyone else. Nor do I claim that my opinions on matters of discrimination are the same as anyone else. I’m just giving my assessment of how things are for me.

    Iron Sheik to Guest on The Ross Report Next Week

    Yes, you read that correctly. The man, the myth, the Legend himself, The Iron Sheik will be a guest on the Ross Report Podcast next tuesday.

    The Iron Sheik is the reason this site exists as you can find out if you read our history section. So of course it had to be mentioned. The Ross Report can be accessed at next Tuesday at 9:00 PM.