Wandering Euan’s euTube Extravaganza: I Have Returned

Okay, Euan’s not really back, that would be ridiculous. I’m just using his name for attention.

I’ve always wondered if I could do a better version of Wandering Euan’s euTube Extravaganza better than Euan himself. Actually, that’s a lie, I’ve always known that I could. So here is my attempt.

There is only one video. Chances are a lot of you will have seen it but if you have not it is worth the time because it is awesome.

Here is the summary…

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Wandering Euan’s EuTube Extravaganza: What The Hell are You Doing?!

It’s that time again! Time for another edition of the Nancy Grace approved WEEE. This week, we are going to focus on some of the moments that have made you wonder ‘WTF?’

Let’s do this….oh and Nancy Grace….fuck you~!

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Fighter Collapses Inbetween Rounds at RFA and Still is Allowed to Continue – Commission in Cover Up?

This past Friday night, RFA held an event in Cheyenne, Wyoming where an incident occurred like no other in the Flyweight Championship Fight between Matt Manzanares and Junior Maranhao. During the forth round break, Junior Maranhao who had just been stuck in a tight chokehold  collapsed off his stool and appeared to be in severe problems. 

However, his corner sent him out to continue the fight after the fight doctor failed to examine him adequately.

Now i’m not a genius but watch the clip below and tell me the commission has got to answer for this.


MMA Torch Editior in Chief Jamie Penick contacted the Wyoming State Board of Mixed Martial Arts for a response and the answer they give is baffling. Click here to write the exchange.

Would this happen in UFC? Of course not so why is it acceptable here!


Wandering Euan’s EuTube Extravaganza: Thank You Warrior~!

Well….it really couldn’t be about anything else. Let’s celebrate the life of The Ultimate Warrior by viewing some of his greatest moments.

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Wandering Euan’s EuTube Extravaganza: April Fools Edition~!


So on this Tuesday, i have some sad news. This will be the final Wandering Euan’s Eu…i can’t even do it.

No, it isn’t the last. The theme of this week’s WEEE is April Fools and the pranks that can befall people. Let’s do this!

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The Iron Sheik Tweet Of The Day 03/25/14

Today, The Iron Sheik shows his respect for the passing of Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson in his own unique way.

Wandering Euan’s EuTube Extravaganza: Why Japan Is Awesome!

Two weeks in a row? Is this even possible? Well…yes in fact and also fuck you for even questioning it. As you may have guessed from the title, this week’s WEEE is all about one of my favourite countries in the world: JAPAN~!

So click the link for a taste of the craziness i have got for you from the land of the rising sun.


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Wandering Euan Reviews: The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: Wanderlei vs. Sonnen~!

It’s here! After a 24 hour delay, i am proud to present my audio review of episodes one and two of Season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: Wanderlei vs. Sonnen.

Hear how 32 men are whittled down to 16 to enter the house!

Feel the hatred between coaches Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen!

Laugh as Euan fails to pronounce fighter’s names and even simple English words correctly!

If you want more audio recaps, like this post and let me know! If there is demand, audio recaps will continue!

Wandering Euan Reviews: The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: Wanderlei vs. Sonnen~!

Arch Enemy: Then and Now

So this morning to my surprise, i found a new video from one of my favourite metal groups Arch Enemy. Now this would not normally be a surprise but it was only a few days prior that we had the shocking news that Angela Gossow was leaving front woman duties to become the manager of the group.

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Wandering Euan’s EuTube Extravaganza: The Return~!


For those of you that have not seen one of these posts before, where the fuck have you been??? welcome!

The premise of the EuTube extravaganza is simple: i locate weird, strange and wonderful videos from YouTube and then i present them for your enjoyment. So enough of the foreplay, let’s do this!

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