Luis Suarez didn’t deliberately bite opponent; also has a bridge to sell you

We don’t ever cover soccer.

It’s not even an independent category in our sports tags. I have to type the word “soccer” in the other tag section.

I posted one bit about the U.S. Men’s team losing to Germany yet advancing to the next round in the World Cup, and this seems to be most we’ve ever covered about the sport even if it’s minimal at best.

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World Cup: US team loses to Germany but advances to next round

On a sloppy pitch due to tons of rainfall, the US men’s soccer team fell 1-0 to the Germans, but thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a goal against Ghana not only gave Portugal a 2-1 victory but because of the US team’s goal differential compared to Portugal’s (0 US; -3 Portugal) the Americans were able to advance to the knockout round while Portugal get eliminated.

US exchange student stuck in vagina sculpture; might’ve wanted to recreate birthing journey

Last Friday an American exchange student in Germany decided to crawl inside of a vagina sculpture created by Fernando de la Jara for a photo op, most likely to show off on social media. Well, he got stuck inside.

It took 22 firefighters to free the student from the sculpture, you can see a video report here.

Fire department squad leader Markus Mozer stated that:

“We were able to pull the victim out with our bare hands after about 30 minutes”

No word on if any lubrication was used in the rescue.

Jim Ross calling video games

I’m not a gamer, many years ago I had Atari and Coleco-Vision but never transitioned into Nintendo and XBOX, except for a small stint playing Madden ’07 but since my interests in video games dwindled as I got older, I’ve drifted further from that subculture.

However, when I found the video above recently, I couldn’t help but think that if EA or any other video game company hired Jim Ross, perhaps the greatest pro-wrestling play-by-play commentator ever to exist, to call all of the action on these shoot-em-up games, I swear that I’d pour money into these developers’ pockets.

I mean, seriously, how has this not happened already? Maybe it was mentioned or proposed and lack of interest was the result. Anyway, enjoy the video!

Yoenis Cespedes with another killer out vs Angels

Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes has had eight outfield assists so far this season; and yet he cannons a 310 ft. throw after bobbling and losing the ball and gets the Angels’ Howie Kendrick out at home plate. Angels manager Mike Scioscia challenged the play but was overruled.


Weezer drummer keeps time and catches frisbee simultaneously

During a Weezer gig last Friday in St. Augustine while they were playing “Beverly Hills,” someone in the crowd tossed a frisbee towards drummer Pat Wilson.

As you see in the video, Wilson flawlessly catches the frisbee and doesn’t miss a beat.

Best thing I’ve seen this band do since The Blue Album.

TNA Wrestling looks like its close to flatlining….


With the recent “WTF” moments that TNA Wrestling has pulled off, whether it’s giving Eric Bryan, er, Eric Young the TNA title or cutting loads of talent and still wondering if Spike will give them another chance at TV, it’s no wonder that TNA isn’t even drawing flies.

This evidence arrived to when a reader who attended Friday night’s show in Bowie, MD, submitted photos showing the lack of asses in the seats; it was estimated that AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED (100) PEOPLE were in the Bowie Baysox stadium. The local minor league baseball team the Baysox, draw 3,000 fans for a game.

Other towns on the weekend tour drew similar numbers to Friday’s show apparently. The death of the company is knocking loudly but Dixie Carter seems to think that it’s fans like our own Casey Trowbridge that is wrong with wrestling.

And once again Dixie, you are wrong.

Abdullah The Butcher loses Hep-C lawsuit; owes $2.3 million

An Ontario Superior Court judge ruled in favor of local professional wrestler Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson On Tuesday to receive $2.3 million from Abdullah The Butcher (Lawrence Robert Shreve) stemming from a 2007 match in Alberta where Nicholson contracted Hepatitis-C from Abby, who had a blade taped to his finger during the match.
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NFL unveils new logo for Super Bowl 50


For the first time in fifty years the NFL will not be using Roman numerals to denote the upcoming Super Bowl. Instead the number “50” will be used for the logo and its campaigns.

This is one-time deal so the following Super Bowl will be Super Bowl LI.

Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask 8-30-1982

There used to be this gentleman by the name of George Mayfield whom I met and became friends with in 2003 when I started going to indy wrestling shows in South Philly. George was a long-time wrestling fan who amassed a collection of 4,000 VHS tapes containing the best wrestling from all over the world; Japan, Mexico, old-school WWWF/WWF/NWA/WCW/ECW, Mid-South…. the guy practically had it all, and for a low price you could purchase compilation tapes from him at various shows.

One night at a CZW show I picked up a Best Of Dynamite Kid tape and saw this match on it… George said that this was the “popcorn match” and then when magic happened in the squared circle on a summer night in Madison Square Garden, people were scrambling back to their seats when they heard the loud cheers from the inside arena.

This match was definitely ahead of its time and showed the WWF crowd that there’s more to wrestling than a bear hug or a headlock.

Brad Paisley OWNS Westboro Baptist protesters


I don’t listen to Brad Paisley’s music but huge kudos to him for taking this selfie in front of Westboro Baptist protesters before his concert in Kansas on Sunday…. I have to say though, I myself am not fond of the drunks either.