Loyal readers (always try to open with a joke) will notice that this site has not been updated in quite some time. When we started the blog again it was because the three of us: myself, Art Shimko and Euan Taylor wanted to do a project together again. Well, that hasn't exactly played out as we'd hoped.

Art was active for a few months and Euan disappeared after just a few weeks. You know you're in trouble when <a href="" TARGET="_blank" title="">Ric Gillespie </a>is more active than you. You know, we've all gotten busy and had changes in our personal lives that have resulted in priority shifts so that is really the reason that interest in writing has fallen for so many of us. Art now uses social media to share links and other things he finds interesting which is cool and Euan...well Euan was crushed to death by a lrge pile of unsold TNA DVDs...allegedly.

I kept up the good fight for awhile but eventually, I just used this site to promote my other projects, personal and audiobook related. Needless to say, this site has been neglected and that's ashame.

So, I'm going to be changing all of that. I've decided to merge my personal site ( with my audiobook related site ( and am tossing in for free. I found that my time and resources were spread too thin working on so many different projects. Frankly, trying to build an audience for the audiobook site while building one for my personal site and this site as well was just too much. It makes more sense to combine everything into one project and to try and build one audience comprised of people who come to the site for different reasons and like different things on it.

On Saturday, august 1, I will be launching and it will be hosted here on Why didn't I just move everything to and give it a refresh? The reason for that is that this was a site that was a compromise between 3 people and it really doesn't work if the 3 people aren't all involved.

I'm not saying you won't hear from Euan and Art from time to time on the other project but it will pretty much be my voice or the voice of people I let write for the site down the road.

If you follow <a href="" target="_blank">CombatHooligans on Twitter </a>just keep following, all the new posts will be added to that account which will probably be renamed at some point. If you follow <a href="" target="_blank">AudiobookEmpire on Twitter </a>all of the audiobook specific content from this new site will end up over there, so if that's all you care about that's all you're going to see. Same goes for the <a href="" target="_blank"> on Facebook </a>basically nothing will change over there.

You may want to follow <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Random Catastrophe on Facebook </a>because that page will be where all the content goes and the page will be as inactive as it is now.

I'll leave the site up and those who have posting access can still post to it and that will be fine but don't expect any new content here from me starting Saturday.

On, I'll talk about pretty much anything. The audiobook content 

I used to write at will be there, I’ll write about more personal things like I did at and I’ll cover more sports and pop culture stuff like I’m doing here. Even Ric Gillespie will probably pop up over there, he told me he’s getting the itch to write again and while that itch could be the return of his rash, I’m always willing to give him a forum.

So there you have it, see you Saturday!

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