Weird Al Yankovic has First Number One Album

Thirty-Five years in to a career that some people didn’t believe would last Thirty-Five minutes, Weird Al Yankovic has his first number one album. ‘Mandatory Fun’ which was released last week is at the top of the sales charts.

Here is what the weird one himself had to say on twitter this morning.

I realize that due to the decline of album sales in general, having a number one album doesn’t mean quite as much as it did a decade or two or even three ago but consider this.

The type of music that Al puts out is now commonly being put out by other people who just happen to have Youtube accounts…which you can uh, get for free. The internet is littered with parodies of mainstream hits that are being made by people who were inspired by Al himself. So he’s not just competing against all of the other albums out there but against the amateurs as well.

I’ve seen several articles over the past week wondering whether or not the world still needed Weird Al Yankovic or if he was somehow behind the times. Yet whenever Al puts something out people seem to be as excited for it as ever. It is one thing to watch someone’s amateur attempt to parody ‘Blurred Lines’ on Youtube, it is another thing when the master himself says that he’s going to do it.

It is kind of funny that Weird Al’s first number one album might also be his last album. This was the final record on his contract and he has repeatedly stated that he may start distributing singles and EPs himself. That would allow him to put out his parodies in a more timely fashion which would be a completely new thing to experience for those of us who have been listening to Weird Al for decades now.

So congrats, Al.


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