Fighter Collapses Inbetween Rounds at RFA and Still is Allowed to Continue – Commission in Cover Up?

This past Friday night, RFA held an event in Cheyenne, Wyoming where an incident occurred like no other in the Flyweight Championship Fight between Matt Manzanares and Junior Maranhao. During the forth round break, Junior Maranhao who had just been stuck in a tight chokehold  collapsed off his stool and appeared to be in severe problems. 

However, his corner sent him out to continue the fight after the fight doctor failed to examine him adequately.

Now i’m not a genius but watch the clip below and tell me the commission has got to answer for this.

MMA Torch Editior in Chief Jamie Penick contacted the Wyoming State Board of Mixed Martial Arts for a response and the answer they give is baffling. Click here to write the exchange.

Would this happen in UFC? Of course not so why is it acceptable here!



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