Congratulations to the Winner of the 2014 Combat Hooligans NCAA March Madness Pool…


Oh yes, time to brag!

When I gave out the pool information earlier this month I told everyone I was looking to go back-to-back and three out of the last 4. Which is exactly what I did.

Fun fact, that was the first post written for the site but not the first one posted. Okay, maybe it was just a fact and not so much fun. Here is your money back.

With that taken care of it is time for my speech.

I’d like to thank the fools who took Duke…and there was more than one. I’ve been doing NCAA pools for almost 20 years now, 18 to be exact and I don’t think I’ve ever lost a champion in the first round. Not even in the disastrous 2003 season. That was the best thing ever to come from something named Mercer. 😉

Another team that was over-hyped and lost quickly was Wichita State. Of course while I didn’t pick them to win it all, I had them in the final 4. So when they were eliminated in the second round it hurt me but hurt others more. I only really like that last part.

Another team whose loss hurt me but hurt someone else more was Michigan State. When they were beaten today by U Conn that was what clinched the pool for me. I would have preferred they won so I could have gotten the points for them making the final 4 but it was then that I would have needed them to lose. Their loss knocked Euan’s girlfriend out of contention so it all works out in the end.

Don’t feel bad for Euan’s girlfriend. Okay, you can feel bad for her because she’s Euan’s girlfriend but not for basketball. Sure she didn’t win but her pool will be a million times more successful than Euan’s. Ask Euan how he did this year.

I guess I should also thank the Florida Gators. I probably couldn’t have done this without them winning all these games. Although Wisconsin, you were very helpful as well. Florida is my championship pick and while it isn’t a lock that they’ll win, I’m already ahead of the others who picked them. But if they do win, I will not only have won 3 of the last 4 pools, I will have also correctly predicted the champion each time.

Places 2 through 7 are still up for grabs with 8 and 9 already locked in. Hopefully next year, I will have more of you to beat. If you say that beating 8 isn’t much of an achievement…well, it isn’t my fault you got scared and didn’t join.

Thanks to everyone who took part. Next year I will go for three in a row. Will I end up like the 1988-89 Lakers and fall short or the 2001-02 Lakers and capture the prize? Time will tell.

Spoiler alert.

2001-02 Lakers it is.


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