Join the March Madness Pool

Hey all, as you know March means that it is time for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. The women have a tournament as well but we’re not interested in that…sorry ladies, it isn’t personal!

One of the things we used to do back when we had a thriving website was run a march madness pool on Yahoo.

Even though we continued to do it long after we closed the website, we decided we would make you all aware of it for this year. It is free for anyone to join.

Here is the information you need.

  1. Go to This Yahoo Link
  2. Click on join a pool and keep this information handy to join a private pool
  3. The pool ID is 2845
  4. The password is sheikybaby
  5. Name your bracket and remember to make your picks

There is no grand prize for winning but if you finish last, Euan will send out no fewer than 3 tweets to his followers making fun of you as only he can.

If you’re not currently excited for the tournament, you should watch this Youtube video. Yeah, Euan and I both miss having Gus Johnson call these games.

As the winner of two of the last three pools, I wish you all the best of luck.


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